Health Workers’ Voices and Safety Must Be Protected

We, the undersigned organizations, together represent tens of thousands of physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other health professionals. Over these past weeks, our members have been working tirelessly to support the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most are working hours each day to provide direct clinical care. And many are also working closely with their hospitals, … Read more Health Workers’ Voices and Safety Must Be Protected

Beginners Guide : Safe Off-Roading Adventure Tips

Thinking about taking your first off-road riding adventure? Regardless of whether you’re heading to your favorite fishing spot that’s off the beaten path, or taking the family out for a drive on the beach, being prepared for an off-road adventure is a must. Check out these off-roading tips for a successful trip.   First of … Read more Beginners Guide : Safe Off-Roading Adventure Tips

Tread Lightly!

WHEN GOING OFF-ROAD, TREAD LIGHTLY The major points of the Tread Lightly! :   Travel and recreate with minimum impact Respect the wildlife, environment and rights of others Educate yourself plan and prepare before you go Allow for future use of the outdoors; leave it better than you found it Discover the rewards of responsible … Read more Tread Lightly!

Keamanan Mengendarai Toyota Fortuner

Setya Novanto mengalami kecelakaan tunggal saat mengendarai Toyota Fortuner dan harus dirawat di rumah sakit karena trauma kepala. Lalu sebenarnya bagaimana dengan keamanan mengendarai mobil Toyota Fortuner? Dan bagaimana dengan hasil dari crash test Toyota Fortuner? Pertanyaan ini timbul setelah terjadi insiden Setya Novanto, Ketua DPR RI, mengalami kecelakaan lalu lintas tunggal dalam perjalanan menuju studio … Read more Keamanan Mengendarai Toyota Fortuner

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