Secure Sharing Of Data Is Essential To Improve Health Outcomes

Platform enabled businesses will take full advantage of the proliferation of health data to deliver better outcomes to people

Historically, medicine was a clinical science supported by data. But advances in artificial intelligence, sensor technology and computational power mean medicine is evolving into a data science supported by clinicians.

As the volume of health data has grown exponentially there are new opportunities to improve health outcomes – if the data can be connected and analyzed.

Technology based platforms are critical to this process. These platforms are scalable interfaces that bring companies and people together to safely share health information.

Platforms to track vital signs or manage diseases such as diabetes already exist. They have limited functionality because they are disconnected from each other. As platforms mature, an interconnected data network will emerge.

It’s hard to predict which companies will play a central role in health care’s platform-based future. Life sciences companies could play a critical role if they move beyond traditional definitions of innovation to engage consumers and personalize their offerings.




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