MPF (Maternity Portable Folding) Bed

Maternity Portable Folding Bed a.k.a. MPF Bed is a Portable Folding Gynecological Examination Bed Set created by Indonesian Medical Doctor. This new revolutionary concept is a compact, portable, light weight, highly functional gynecological examination and delivery bed especially for remote areas in countries where populations are high and comprehensive medical  facilities are not in place. This is its primary function but can also be used by doctors to provide examinations of men, women and children for specific and general health needs. In cases of necessity  the bed may be utilized for sleeping purposes for mid-term length needs or as needed, for example in natural disaster relief situations.

Features :

  • Flat
  • Length and width to comfortably accommodate most heights and sizes of patients
  • Strong sturdy lightweight frame
  • Material on frame to to support an above average weigh patient
  • Stirrups to comfortably support a patient’s legs in an elevated position
  • Folding design for compact transportation from one location to another
  • Flat stool chair separate from the bed but fits comfortably into the travel bag
  • Travel bag to fit the bed and stool chair into together
  • Assorted colours available
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The uniqueness of the MPF Bed, reference no. DDS -0130/01/14. The list of qualities that makes this unique medical solution stand out on its’ own are as follows :

  • All made in Indonesia
  • Indonesia Patented No. IDD0000041762
  • Portable for air travel in checked-in luggage or alone as a carry-on item due to its’ compact feature and shoulder strap bag encompassing the unit. This is an easy piece of equipment to carry hands free in geographical locations that are difficult to access.
  • Light weight features allow any one doctor, nurse, man or woman of average strength to move the bed freely compacted or fully assembled; ready to be used by a patient in any situation or environment.
  • Strength and durability of all materials to complete this product, for purposes of wear and years of usage, satisfies economic needs to get the most out of purchase. Materials making up the bed are non-corrosive, long lasting, strong and easy to wash and dry as needed. If necessary another material such as a cotton sheet or plastic may be placed on top of the bed.
  • Easy use and assembly/disassemble helping the Doctor or operator to quickly be setup and ready for his patients to use,  so procedures may begin in minutes upon arrival. The simplicity also allows for immediate use. Doctors, nurses, midwives and medical assistants needing minimal training in setup and breakdown.
  • Flat surface and raised stirrups give a medical advantage for women in delivery. A woman pulling at her feet and raising her upper body above her torso on her own or with slight assistance from a friend, partner, family member or nurse, assists by concentrating all pressure to the pelvic area. This helps immensely with the natural pushing a woman’s body will perform in easing delivery of her baby/babies.
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