Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)


  • Glasgow Coma Scale: While the 15-point scale is the predominant one in use, this is in fact a modification and is more correctly referred to as the Modified Glasgow Coma Scale. The original scale was a 14-point scale, omitting the category of “abnormal flexion”. Some centres still use this older scale, but most (including the Glasgow unit where the original work was done) have adopted the modified one.
  • The Rappaport Coma/Near Coma Scale made other changes.
  • Meredith W., Rutledge R, Fakhry SM, EMery S, Kromhout-Schiro S have proposed calculating the verbal score based on the measurable eye and motor responses.
  • The most widespread revision has been the Simplified Motor and Verbal Scales which shorten the respective sections of the GCS without loss of accuracy.7
  • The GCS for intubated people is scored out of 10 as the verbal component falls away



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