Trauma Scoring Systems

Trauma Scoring Systems

Characterization of injury severity is crucial to the scientific study of trauma, yet the actual measurement of injury severity began only 50 years ago. In 1969, researchers developed the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) to grade the severity of individual injuries. Since its introduction, by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) International Injury … Read moreTrauma Scoring Systems

Getting What You Need From the Hospital to Succeed as a Traumatologist

Summary: Currently, the market for orthopaedic trauma surgeons is varied. The market consists of university employed, university private, medical group employed, medical group private, private employed, private contracted, and private. Each option has its positives and negatives. The orthopaedic trauma surgeon needs to determine which setting is appropriate for his/her given needs and wants. An experienced … Read moreGetting What You Need From the Hospital to Succeed as a Traumatologist

What I Expect From an Orthopaedic Traumatology Fellow

Summary: After 2.5 decades working with a variety of orthopaedic traumatology fellows, I have learned that several qualities and behaviors are important to a successful experience. Most fellows possess them, but some do not. Those that do usually integrate quickly onto the team and are rewarded with enriched teaching and clinical experiences. Some that do not … Read moreWhat I Expect From an Orthopaedic Traumatology Fellow

Spine Trauma – What Are the Current Controversies?

Summary : Although less common than other musculoskeletal injuries, spinal trauma may lead to significantly more disability and costs. During the last 2 decades there was substantial improvement in our understanding of the basic patterns of spinal fractures leading to more reliable classification and injury severity assessment systems but also rapid developments in surgical techniques. Despite … Read moreSpine Trauma – What Are the Current Controversies?

Orthopaedic Trauma and the Evolution of Healthcare Policy

Summary: Healthcare policy has changed drastically, and with the 50-year anniversary of the passage of Medicare approaching in 2015, the authors evaluate the development of the current healthcare system and its relationship to the development of modern orthopaedic trauma. With more changes in healthcare policy forthcoming, it is increasingly important for the orthopaedic traumatologist to understand … Read moreOrthopaedic Trauma and the Evolution of Healthcare Policy

Infection in Orthopaedics

Summary: Infection in orthopaedic trauma patients is a common problem associated with significant financial and psychosocial costs, and increased morbidity. This review outlines technologies to diagnose and prevent orthopaedic infection, examines implant-related infection and its management, and discusses the treatment of post-traumatic osteomyelitis. The gold standard for diagnosing infection has a number of disadvantages, and thus … Read moreInfection in Orthopaedics