10 Years A Go : Borneo Equator Expedition 2009

This story tells of one of the most extreme jungle travels ever undertaken besides the past Camel Trophy races of many years ago, and on the same mysterious island of Borneo. The initial journey started two years ago with the idea and preparation to cross along the equator line from one side to the other side. The expedition organizer was the Cheetah Off-road Club and members of the Indonesian Off-road Federation (IOF).

This adventure off-road event, named the Borneo Equator Expedition 2009, was held from 6th December until 20th December, 2009, started from Pontianak, West Borneo, traveling through Central Borneo and finished in Balikpapan, East Borneo, along the equator line with a maximum deviation of 1° and covering about 2030 km.

The participants from Indonesia, Vietnam, Netherland, Italy, USA, and Australia were all involved with the mission not only to enjoy the once in a lifetime adventure, but also to experience the scenic drive through mountainous areas and rivers, to promote tourist spots, and learn more about the diverse Indonesian culture.

A select group of people were to be involved, all with off road experience in extreme jungle conditions and with the skills to help bring the whole convoy of 25 vehicles across the equator line. In simple language, the equator is an imaginary line on the earth’s surface, equidistant from the North Pole and South Pole, that divides the earth into a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern Hemisphere. The length of the earth’s equator is about 40,075 km, and it runs through a number of countries including Indonesia, Ecuador, northern Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya. During our trip, we had temperatures way above 35°C, which all of the expedition team members had to contend with. The main rule was to bring along enough water for the entire expedition, and also to make sure we drank that water. During our fourteen days of traveling in jungle conditions.


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