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Indonesia’s Human Development Index Rises but Inequality Remains

Exclusion of women, ethnic minorities, and people living in remote areas create chronic barriers hindering human development progress. This has led to significant disparities leaving many behind in the world, including within Indonesia and the Asia and the Pacific region. In addition, marginalized groups often have limited opportunities to influence the institutions and policies that determine their lives.

Indonesia’s Road To Universal Health Coverage: A Political Journey

In 2013 Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country, declared that it would provide affordable health care for all its citizens within seven years. This crystallised an ambition first enshrined in law over five decades earlier, but never previously realised. This paper explores Indonesia’s journey towards universal health coverage (UHC) from independence to the launch

Data Display Tools

Choosing data display tools :  TO SHOW  SHOW  DATA NEEDED Frequency of occurrence: Simple percentages or comparisons of magnitude  Bar chart Pie chart Pareto chart  Tallies by category (data can be attribute data or variable data divided into categories) Trends over time  Line graph  Measurements taken in chronological order (attribute or variable data can be

Almanak Desa

Sejak dulu diketahui, Desa adalah arena kehidupan yang penuh kisah, unik, kesedihan yang terkadang tragis, dan sekaligus hebat dan indahnya budaya dan alam. Desa selalu menjadi sasaran pembangunan karena di sana kemiskinan dan ketimpangan tampak nyata. Desa selalu dipuja, sebagai tempat menentramkan hati karena begitu indah suasana alamnya. Desa selalu hadir dalam tampilan media karena

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